Coaching Certification Program


Integrity Coaching is a developmental process that equips leaders with the knowledge, skills and tools to improve performance and develop people to their highest potential.  It is based on the belief that coaching begins with building people.


Integrity Coaching® Includes:


• A simple 5-step coaching system

• Strategies for coaching different Behaviour Styles®

• An eight-week follow-up course with accountability for application

• A leadership model that focuses on achieving a balance between developing people and reaching goals

• Strategies for breaking the Law of Limited Performance


Congruence of Knowledge, Skills and Values


Effective coaching requires more than knowledge. It is also influenced by five key dimensions related to attitudes and beliefs.

Integrity Coaching is based on the fundamental beliefs that coaching is:


• Building People and helping them build your team and organization

Identifying potential in people

• Helping people set goals and accomplish them

• Believing in someone at a greater level than they believe in themselves

• Equipping people to become self-sufficient in their growth

• Sincerely caring about the success of others and investing time and energy to promote that success

• Helping others develop a sense of purpose and vision for their professional and personal life

• Working with someone to identify meaningful, tangible and attainable goals.



Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching is a one on one private and confidential coaching that meets you where you are and helps you achieve your life’s purpose – it helps you close that gap!


When we work with you one-on-one, it is our highest objective to help you reach your purpose, vision and goals by working through John C. Maxwell’s and other programs tailored specific to your needs.


Together, we will create a strategic, powerful plan for you to gain clarity through a weekly process, including interaction and accountability.

What are you doing to invest in yourself?

What are you doing to invest in others?



When we are working in a group setting – although it’s not singular in nature – having the entire group’s input in thinking magnifies the richness of the discussions and results in developing solutions that are above and beyond what any individual can create. The cohesive bond that is formed empowers each person to develop the leader within and shine in a safe environment that nurtures the group as a whole. It is an experience unlike any other and follows the same premise as an academic think tank.  It also facilitates team building???

Live with Passion!

“Simplicity is the language of leadership.” - Farshad Asl.